About Linda


Linda Pannozzo is an award-winning author and freelance journalist who has written widely about ecological degradation and public policy issues for more than two decades. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including The Daily News, The Coast, THIS Magazine, The Telegraph Journal, HighGrader Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen, The Bhutan Observer, and The Halifax Examiner. 

After graduating from King’s College School of Journalism in 1998, Linda spent three years heading the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG) at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Following that, as a contract writer, she penned a number of influential reports for the non-profit research and education organization Genuine Progress Index (GPI) Atlanticwhich has been developing indicators to measure environmental quality, sustainability, wellbeing, and quality of life for Nova Scotia. In 2010-2011 this work took Linda to Bhutan where she was the project manager and research director with a civil-society based initiative aimed at increasing living standards, food security and self-reliance in one of the country’s most rural and remote districts. She worked for ten years with Silver Donald Cameron on The Green Interview, editing transcripts, preparing briefing notes and writing brief biographies about some of the world’s most inspiring people. Don passed away in June of 2020 and is deeply missed. Since 2016 Linda has been a frequent contributor for The Halifax Examiner. In January of 2022, Linda launched her own publication on Substack titled, The Quaking Swamp Journal, where she posts musings, commentary, analysis, and the occasional deep dive, all in the public interest.


Silver Winner – Atlantic Journalism Award, May 2020

Excellence in Digital Journalism, Enterprise/ Long Form Category: “Archaeology of Loss,” (The Halifax Examiner)

Rachel Carson Book Award, August 2014

For “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: An Investigation into the Scapegoating of Canada’s Grey Seal” by the U.S. Society of Environmental Journalists.

Gold Winner – Atlantic Journalism Award, May 2011

Enterprise/ Investigative category: “Sable Island’s Cod Killer,” (The Coast)

First Place in Better Newspapers Competition, July 2002

Atlantic Community Newspapers Association Resources Category: “Ground Zero,” (The Coast)